Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One more critique applied!

Just got done applying suggestions from another critique. This is why you have other people read your manuscript. So many things that made me slap my head and say "I can't believe I missed that!"

Some of my favorites of these moments:

- I have a character who, in one scene, uses a periscope to check around a blind corner for enemies.
In the next paragraph, he ducks his head around the corner.
One of my reviewers commented: "Dangerous way to do it if he has a periscope..."

- A character is carrying a blaster. In the next paragraph or so, he comments that he lost his blaster.
Reviewer asked, "Where? When? How?"

- And all the times when I'd proper-capped AND separate worded, AND hyphenated a word a term. (note-block was, at times, "Noteblock", "noteblock", and "note-block"... all in the same manuscript. There were other words I'd done the same thing to, but let's not talk about those...)

So, if you see me and I have a red mark in the middle of my forehead, you now know why.

I also learned about to use the expression "small fry" (Turns out, that is plural...) More on that on my author Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorAaronDemott Check it out for more content!