Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How not to handle bad reviews:

First, I know everyone is posting this, but still...

Wow. I promise myself and any readers I might have that I will never handle a bad review like this:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Writing excuses...

Wow. I haven't posted in a while.
It's one of the things you read all the time, writing excuses and how to overcome them, work interfering with life...

My problem is that I get very passionate about a particular hobby, and really immerse myself in it for a while, then move on to another hobby, and so on. Eventually, I always get back to each of them. The nice thing about doing this, is that I have many fun hobbies, and I don't get bored of them. The problem, is that things take FOREVER to get done. I've done the math, if I push myself, I can easily get around 4,000 words done a day. Taking weekends and various lengths of books, planning, etc, into consideration, and I should be able to finish a very rough draft in six months, no problem. Yet, it took me about three years to finish Meskka.

What I need to do is stop thinking of writing as a hobby, and more like a part-time job. (It'd be a great full-time job, but one step at a time...) As part of that, I'm going to work at posting more excerpts as I go along in the draft, and see if I can get some nice people to pester me in the comments if I don't post them frequently :)