Friday, November 6, 2015

Get to know your author...

So, an author friend of of mine posted this, and it looks like fun. I might post this stuff on Instargram, but let's face it, I'm likely to forget about this halfway through... So, I'll post everything here... Well, most everything. Some don't apply (why does everyone assume that all authors are girls these days?) And some are picture specific.

My Instragram page...

1. Go to comfort book
Pleasure reading, or if I need emotional comfort? Dragonflight, for the first, the Bible for the second.

2. Must have writing accessories
Depends on where and when I'm writing. Either my iPad or my IBM Model M keyboard. Those I can take pictures of... how can I get a picture of "alone time so I can write"...

3. Office or writing spot?
Eh, I kinda have an office... it just needs a door...

4. WIP (Work in Progress)
The project I'm working on for NaNo is "Etherno: Rise of the Dragongirl". It's about a group of collage kids with super powers, one of whom has multiple personality disorder.

5. Coffee, tea, or other?
Mostly I prefer Mt. Dew over both of those, but I'll choose tea if forced to choose just between those two.

6. Music picks
Anything but rap. When I'm writing, I like to listen to electronic.

7. Fave paranormal
Uh... not sure...

8. Paperback or ebook?
Yes. (I like each, and each has their pros and cons.)

9. Author's breakfast
I'm not much of a breakfast guy. Usually just cereal.

10. Writing journals
I don't really journal. Tried it a few times, didn't really stick. I prefer fiction.
Now, for ideas, I just use the notes app in my phone.

11. Fave classic book
Hmm... hard choice... Sherlock Holmes,  Twenty-Thousand leagues under the sea, Robinson Crusoe...

12. Author selfie
I don't really selfie, either... check on the 12th, maybe I'll post one...

13. last book that made you cry
Don't remember... (don't remember, or don't want to admit to it... hmmm....)

14. Guilty pleasure writing snack
Let's see... anything within reach and a high sugar content. Check Instagram on the 14th to see what's on hand that day...

15. Author hoodies/yoga pants
 I don't really wear hoodies except when I'm camping. And I've never worn yoga pants. No one wants to see that...

16. Stack of paperbacks
A stack of my paperbacks? I only have one out so far.
A stack of books I've read?
A random stack?
I dislike non-specific instructions...

17. Messy bun
Again, not all authors are women. I have VERY short hair... and when I cook I like to think I'm fairly neat...

18. Video to fans
Instagram can post videos and not just pictures?

19. Fave childhood cartoon
Hard choice... Rocky and Bullwinkle?

20. fave funny meme
 You'll have to check later to see what one I pick...

21. Swag pics
 Again, check Instagram... or keep checking here or my Facebook page to win some...

22. Writing quotes
Hmm... a site for pictures, and they ask for text...

23. headphones or earbuds
I'll use both, but prefer headphones.

24. fave book blogger
Then there's this... how do I post a picture of that? Screenshot? I'm not even sure if I have one...

25. craft writing books
So many.  A few of my favorites:
- Self-editing for fiction writers
- The Irresistible novel
- The Power of Resonance in Writing
... and many more.

26. Author socks/flops
Why would anyone want to see a picture of my socks? I mostly either go barefoot or wear shoes with my socks. Flip flops only at the beach, and even then sandals are preferred.

27. Fave 80's movie
Star Wars. (Okay, technically the first one came out in the 70's, but the next two are 80's movies)

28. Best fan gifts
I have a fan-art of one of my characters... 

29. Laptop/computer
i-Pad, mostly, but desktop at the moment. I have a laptop, but it's getting a little long in the tooth.

30. Author in the morning.
What's morning? I'm a night owl.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

You won't believe what's on his desk!

Yeah, it's a click-bait-y title. We'll see if it works...

Anyway, this is my writing space:

We're going to play a game:

- Find as many geeky things in the picture as you can.
- Send your list to: yoda47 (at) gmail dot com
   (Note: you need to send a list of things (iPad, stormtrooper, etc.) not a number of things (I counted 2,000 geeky things!). We want this to be a fun, "find the hidden picture" game, not "guess a random number" game.)
- The person who finds the most things wins a signed paperback copy of A New Threat!
- If we get lots of entries, I might see if some of my other author friends can throw in prizes too!
- Contest will run until Thanksgiving

(If there's a tie, I'll assign the winners a number and use, or a die or something to pick a winner.)

Download a larger version of the picture, so you can zoom in to look for more hidden items..

Have fun!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Behind the names

Have you ever wondered how I came up with the character names in A New Threat?

Wonder no more, I've guest blogged about it over at Castle Gate Press.

Go check it out!