Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Serial novel? Pysgen book one released this year?

I've had a few thoughts lately. First, I need more money to pay the bills. Second, I've been working on the first book in the Psygen series for about five years now.

I keep learning more and more about the craft of writing, and I keep feeling that I can make the book better and better. Lately, I've felt that it's about time to let go of this one, or I'll never quit revising it. At first, I thought I wanted to finish the second book in the series, and release them at the same time. (The rough draft of the second book is done, but oh boy is it rough!)

Now, I'm thinking that it might be a good idea and push hard to get book one done and out before Christmas, and that will provide me with some pressure to get book two done faster than, say, four years... ;)

The problem with this, of course, is two-fold: 1. What with moving, too much work and not enough money, and mom having cancer, the last thing I need right now is more pressure. 2. I'm afraid the book still isn't good enough.

That second reason though, is another reason to get it out now.

The other idea I'm toying with is to release one of my works-in-progress (Wings of Truth) as a serial novel.

(If you don't know what a serial novel is, go check out my friend's. Don't forget to vote for each chapter if you like it.)

This would help a tensy bit with the money problem, help me gain an audience, and provide feedback to keep writing.

What do you think about these ideas?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Distractions and Trials

This is mostly just a comment to let all my thousands of readers (Ha!) know that I am, indeed, still alive.

My mom has just had surgery for cancer, we might be moving soon, and the day-job has been crazy.

All this has been slightly distracting from writing, though I've managed to get a tensy wensy amount of editing done.

I've learned a few things though this, though. I really think I'm supposed to be writing, and I've done a lot of imagineering work on a few of my works in progress. This is really helpful, as I've gotten stuck in one or two of the other books I've been working on. Now, I just have to make time to sit down and write....