Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Distractions and Trials

This is mostly just a comment to let all my thousands of readers (Ha!) know that I am, indeed, still alive.

My mom has just had surgery for cancer, we might be moving soon, and the day-job has been crazy.

All this has been slightly distracting from writing, though I've managed to get a tensy wensy amount of editing done.

I've learned a few things though this, though. I really think I'm supposed to be writing, and I've done a lot of imagineering work on a few of my works in progress. This is really helpful, as I've gotten stuck in one or two of the other books I've been working on. Now, I just have to make time to sit down and write....


  1. It's hard to write when your world is in upheaval. I'm going through a few similar trials and my creative brain has almost completely shut down.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you're still alive. I want to read your books, some day.