Tuesday, November 3, 2015

You won't believe what's on his desk!

Yeah, it's a click-bait-y title. We'll see if it works...

Anyway, this is my writing space:

We're going to play a game:

- Find as many geeky things in the picture as you can.
- Send your list to: yoda47 (at) gmail dot com
   (Note: you need to send a list of things (iPad, stormtrooper, etc.) not a number of things (I counted 2,000 geeky things!). We want this to be a fun, "find the hidden picture" game, not "guess a random number" game.)
- The person who finds the most things wins a signed paperback copy of A New Threat!
- If we get lots of entries, I might see if some of my other author friends can throw in prizes too!
- Contest will run until Thanksgiving

(If there's a tie, I'll assign the winners a number and use random.org, or a die or something to pick a winner.)

Download a larger version of the picture, so you can zoom in to look for more hidden items..

Have fun!

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