Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why you need reviewers

I've read my draft of "A New Threat" at least six or seven times. Every time, I spot a minor typo. Until, one day when I thought I'd found them all.

Then I had someone who hadn't read the story before, and hadn't heard any of my thoughts as I was writing read it. And of course, more typo's were found.

In one of the climatic scenes near the end, the bad guy gets caught. Something bugged me about this, but I couldn't figure out what. Everything was in there, it made sense, and yet...
I had a few people read it, and they all liked it, then the above mentioned reader read it, and pointed out something. What I read what was pointed out, I said "THAT'S IT!" (Just like Charlie Brown in "A Charlie Brown Christmas"....)

Looking at it now, the problem was obvious... I'll post the old version of the scene, and the new version once I get down re-writing it.

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  1. Don't you just love having those second, third, and fourth pairs of eyes to catch what you can't see? It's amazing.

    Unfortunately, only other writers understand how exciting it is for writers to have revelations like this. Other people think it's a walk in the park to write.