Sunday, April 29, 2012

Overused names?

I'm still here! The day job has been crazy lately, and my wife just gave birth to baby number 3... Despite the lack of posts, I have been working on editing A New Threat, and I've started book three in the Gaurdian Series. Speaking of the Gaurdians, I think I'm going to re-name them. There seems to be a plethora of books out right now with a group called "Gaurdians" in them. Something more creative would sound more "sci-fi-ish" anyway. So that's been a holdup as well. Suggestions for new names are welcome..


  1. Well, I ran it through and got the following:

    Definition: keeper, protector
    Synonyms: angel*, attendant, baby-sitter, bird dog, cerberus, champion, chaperon, chaperone, conservator, cop, curator, custodian, defender, escort, guard, keeper, nurse, overseer, paladin, patrol, preserver, safeguard, sentinel, shepherd, sitter, sponsor, superintendent, supervisor, trustee, vigilante, warden, watchdog
    Notes: guardian is from Old French gardein 'protector, custodian,' while warden is from Old North French wardein 'guardian, custodian'; both words came from Frankish, represented by Old High German warten 'to watch, guard'

    There's some pretty cool words in there. Hey, when you're ready for some crits, drop Guardians into the Sandbox! I'd love to see what you've done with it.

  2. :-) I hear ya...I hope that my guardians somehow rise above the cliches...if not, I'll chalk it up to newbie mistakes and move on. What about an acronym that stood for something else? that's kind of futuristic...

  3. Yeah, those are some good sugguestions. I made a new post with some more details...

    And yes, the new verison will be up in the sandbox to be torn apart by the horde when it's done. ;)