Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Review: The Man Painter

This weeks review is of The Man Painter, the freshly released sequel to The Earth Painter.

I'd start by saying that while I'd recommend The Earth Painter for almost any age, the sequel is.... more in depth... Which is both good and bad.


- it shows real love between characters, not just lust that's called love.

- continues the story from The Earth Painter.

- characterization continues to be excellent. All our favorite characters are there, and a few of our not-so-favorites too. ;)


- More "adult" in tone. While it does convey the intimacy and love of a married relationship, I, personally, feel it goes a bit too far. Borderline spoiler: If you can read this book and not blush when someone mentions pizza sauce, you're, ah, not as private a person as I am. There's nothing improper here, mind you, just a little more personal than I, personally, am comfortable with. I, personally, would only recommend this book for married people. But perhaps I'm just a prude. Or perhaps it's because I struggled with... such imagery awakening "love" before it's time before I was married. On the other hand, I could easily see how others could recommend this book without those hangups, as the author does an great job of showing the joy, freedom, and other benefits of waiting until after marriage to give your body and soul to just one other person.

Overall, I give it three to four stars, depending on the age of the potential reader.

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  1. Yeah, judging by the way book 1 went, I pretty much expected that from book 2. It's one reason I wasn't real interested in reading it.