Monday, March 9, 2015

Cover Revel for Secret Voices

A friend of mine has a new book coming out! This is the third book in the Spirit of Destiny series by Lynn Donovan. You can read my reviews of the other two books in the series here:

The title of the third book is:

Secret Voices

From the "Back of the Book":

"The voices in Keisha’s head know where her fiancĂ© has been left for dead, but who will believe her?

Keisha Moore has a secret which has been kept hidden her entire life. But when her fiancĂ©, Clifford Valdez, disappears and the authorities dismiss it as lovers’ remorse, she has to tell somebody. Can she make anybody understand the four voices in her head are real, and they know where Clifford has been taken? How can she save the man she loves without revealing her deepest secret?"

Pre-order available at

Learn more about Lynn and her books at:

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