Thursday, September 9, 2010

Point of View

I'll talk about point of view today. I have a lot of time to ramble at the moment, as I'm waiting for my reviewers to read the draft I sent them then point out all the mistakes I missed. (OK, I do have other things to do to, but...)    ;)

I'll assume everyone reading this knows what point of view is. I don't really consider myself enough of an expert to lecture anyone on the best way to write it, or which POV is the best. So, what is this post about, you ask? If you've read the sample chapter on the website, you'll see that I use the third person POV. I want to talk about why I chose that, and why I like it.

I prefer the 3rd person omniscient POV for a few reasons. One, most of the books I've read use that POV, so it's what I'm most familiar and comfortable with. Another is that feels the most natural, for me, to write in.
The main reason I like it as a writer though, is the flexibility that it gives in telling the story. I like being able to see the same scenes from the perspective of different characters, and to tell different parts of the story at the same time.

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