Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why the website and all when the book's not out yet?

No one's really asked me yet, but I imagine at least a few of my thousands of readers (boy, do I have an imagination or what....) are wondering something like "Why not wait until after your book is published and people have read it to have a website and stuff on the books?"

Or, if no one's wondering that, I'm going to tell you anyway, because it's either this or another boring word count post...

Well, for one, sci-fi apparently isn't selling big right now. Despite that, sci-fi is what I love most, so that's what I write. I also know at least a few people who like sci-fi, so I want to know if anyone else is interested in what I'm writing.

If the book gets published, I'll have at least a few people eager for it to come out, and make the initial sales numbers better.

Or, failing that, I know I'll be able to sell at least a few copies if I self-publish. (And no, I'm not going to stop writing if the book doesn't sell. I'm having a blast doing this, and absolute worst-case scenario, I've got a fun hobby.)

I think getting people excited (hopefully...) about the book before it's available is just good marketing. Apparently, I'm also not alone in this, as this post over at Lit Coach says.

And that's coming from a successful literary agent, so I must be at least close to the right track.

Coming up next (day, week, soonish...): Where does someone new to writing with no industry connections learn all this stuff?

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