Sunday, February 27, 2011

Excerpt from "A Wizard of Arade"

Some of what I'm working on right now....


Alenk peered over the top of a small ridge to look into the valley below. The trees in the valley were cleared away, leaving a maze of stumps and kindling covering the valley floor. The cause of the destruction was apparent; an orange dragon the size of a small inn sat in the center of the valley, snarling and spouting flame at something hiding behind the remains of an oak tree. As Alenk continued to watch, an arrow flew out from behind the stump and hit the dragon in the neck. It roared in pain and as it reared up on its hind legs a young man raced out from behind the stump. He slashed the dragon’s leg, and ran back to the stump, rolling behind it just as the dragon bent back down to flame at its assailant.

“We should probably go help him,” Alenk whispered to Kendra as he slid back down out of sight of the dragon.

Kendra popped her head up over the ridge for a quick glance.

“Yeah, before he gets himself killed.”

“Well, I doubt he’ll be killed,” Alenk said as he pulled her back down, “And try to be a little quieter please.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry,” Kendra whispered, “And how do you think he’ll NOT be killed?”
“Well it’s just not that serious of a threat.”

Kendra stared at him for a moment. “What do you mean ‘it’s not that serious of a threat.’ You’re kidding, right?”

“Well, there will be some serious injuries sure, but look at them.”

“Exactly, they’re severely mis-matched!”

A loud roar interrupted them. “Did that sound closer to you?” Alenk asked.

Kendra slapped a hand over her mouth and nodded.

“Well, in that case I’ll go save the dragon before he really gets himself into trouble.”

Kendra stood there with her mouth open as Alenk climbed over the ridge.

“Wait!” she finally managed to say, “What do you mean save the dragon, what about that knight that’s about to get barbequed?”

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