Monday, August 10, 2015

Leave a Review, win a book.

Leave a Review, win a book

Realm makers was this last weekend.... so much fun. More on that later...

 I went to the Realm Makers convention and met a bunch of friends, learned a lot, and bought a bunch of books. After I bought the books, I won the "best costume" award.

Well, okay, my wife and youngest daughter won, and I kinda tagged along for the ride, but anyway... 

The prize was a big stack of books!

Some of these are duplicates of the books I'd already paid for, so... my loss is your gain. I'm giving away the extras!

Did I mention these are all signed by the authors? (No, not personalized, just signed...) Yes, I'm giving away:

- Forged Steel, by H. A. Titus
- The Irresistible Novel, by Jeff Gerke
- Nameless, by A. C. Williams

(If you want, I can give out a signed paperback copy of A New Threat instead)

So, what do you have to do to win?

Read my book, A New Threat, and leave an honest review somewhere, fill out the form below, and win!

What, too hard? Fine... I'll give out a free e-copy for you to review. You guys are tough, come on, the book's only 99 cents on Amazon... Anyway, if you want the free e-copy, send an e-mail to: freecopy a t aarondemott dot com, and I'll e-mail you a copy (specify whether you want ePub, mobi, or PDF format).

After Rafflecopter picks a winner, and I verify that they really did post a review, I'll contact the winner, and ship them their choice of book!

What happens to the books the winner didn't choose, you ask? Well, I'll either host another contest later, or, if I get a big response to this contest, I might give them all out... so send this to all your friends!

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