Monday, April 1, 2013

Book Review: Daughter of Light

Today's book review is Daughter of Light!

We follow the story of Rowen Mar, as she is outcast from her village for witchcraft, then learns what and who she is...

Characters really make the book for me. We get some great characters here, from Rowan and Captain Lore, even the bad guy. They're all nicely developed. The only ones who's storylines aren't fleshed out is Father Ruff and Nicne (sp). I'm pretty sure they were just there for setup for book 2.

The first part of the book starts out a little slow. Mostly, this is because a new character that we've never met before keeps getting his own viewpoint every other chapter for about the first six chapters or so. I really prefer it when we meet the characters first, and then give them their own viewpoint. That way we're not constantly asking "Wait, who is, and why do I care?"

After the rough introductions are over, the story really picks up steam and I didn't want to put it down. The ending is a little rough and unresolved on it's own, but it's the perfect segue into book 2... which comes out in a week or so of the posting of this review. So, if you're new to the series, as I am, just buy both of them at the same time. You're going to want to. ;)

I give it four stars. Just missed out on five from the rough start.

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