Monday, August 29, 2016

Book Review: Kitsune Tsuki

Today's Book review is Kitsune Tsuki, by Laura VanArendonk Baugh. From the "back of the book:"

"How does one find a shape-shifter who may not even exist?

The onmyouji Tsurugu no Kiyomori, a practitioner of the mystic arts, has been engaged to protect the warlord's new bride from the fox spirit rumored to be near. Tsurugu and the shadow-warrior Shishio Hitoshi face an impossible challenge in teasing out a kitsune shapeshifter from the samurai and servants –- if such a creature is even present at all.

The handsome mute twin servants belonging to Lady Kaede are certainly suspicious, but it is the beautiful and strong-willed lady herself who draws Shishio’s mistrust. Tsurugu and Shishio must move carefully, for accusing the warlord’s bride falsely would be death. But failing to identify the kitsune to the warlord is equally perilous, and there is more to discover. For an onmyouji knows secrets even the shadows do not….

Kitsune-Tsuki is a historical fiction novelette, the introduction to the series KITSUNE TALES"


- This book is too short. :)

- If you're not at least slightly familiar with a few Japanese words, or some cultural background, this story is going to be a little overwhelming at first. There is an included glossary to help with this, but there's a lot of Japanese words, place names, and character names.


- This is just a wonderful tale set in historical alt-Japan. The story really gets the fell of Japanese culture, and pulls from several different elements of Japanese folklore.

- The ending is a surprise twist the fits with the theme, and sets up the sequel. (I'd go more into it, but spoilers.... ;) )

Overall, I give it four and half stars. I really loved this story. It was a fun little mystery with some great characters, fun plot twists, and a story world that I want to spend more time in.


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